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Singing Pizza Elmo

Singing Pizza Elmo

Release Date: unknown

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Where To Buy: Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart


UPC: 027084416343

MFR Number: K4685


Who doesn't love Elmo from Sesame Street? Now the cuddly red character comes to life in your own home, and he's cooking up some big fun. Recommended for children 18 months old and up, the Fisher-Price Sesame Street Singing Pizza Elmo will delight kids and adults with his singing and dancing. More Than A Stuffed Toy In his package--a cardboard diorama of an Italian kitchen--Singing Pizza Elmo stands with one arm extended and the other holding a pizza. Covered in velvety polyester material, Elmo is dressed in a red and white checkered apron and a plush cotton baker's hat. Much more than a stuffed toy, when Elmo's extended hand is pressed, he begins to move and talk. "Let's sing the pizza song together," he says, and begins his lighthearted pizza pie song and dance. Who Ordered The Talking Pizza? But Elmo isn't alone! The best part about this Sesame Street toy is the surprise singing pizza. Elmo's lovable friend has eyes that open and close, and a mouth that moves to the music. With a face made from pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper toppings, the talking pizza is made from soft rubbery plastic. Put To The Test While Elmo is soft to touch on the outside, his song and dance moves require hard plastic insides that make him too uncomfortable and heavy to be carried around by young children like a regular stuffed toy. Parents should also take note that this battery-powered toy is surface washable only. On the other hand, Singing Pizza Elmo's firm, plastic feet keep him standing on any flat surface--making him the ideal toy for stationary play and as a room decoration. An instant delight for kids, Elmo's cute voice brings smiles and laughs to babies, toddlers, and young children alike. At first parents will be charmed as well. The song and dance lasts around a minute, and it can only be stopped by switching the toy off. Elmo freezes immediately wherever he is; when turned back on, he starts his song from the beginning. Even if parents opt to take the batteries out from time to time for some peace and quiet, the adorable Elmo is still bound to bring joy to little ones. Pros Delights children with their favorite character's voice and singing Pizza comes to life with moving eyes and mouth Elmo sways and dances to the music Ideal for stationary play and decoration Cons Made with hard and heavy inside materials Surface washable only What's in the Box Singing Pizza Elmo and four "AA" batteries. Product Description This Elmo features as it is serving up some deep-dish delights at his pizza party. It is dressed in an adorable apron and hat, Elmo takes the stage with pizza in hand. Press his hand to hear him sing a silly pizza song as he sways from side to side. During the song, the pizza comes alive -moving its eyes and mouth-and sings along with Elmo. It requires 4 "AA" batteries, which are included and it measures 11" tall.

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