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Flop-Purr Purr Tender

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Flop-Purr Purr Tender

Release Date: January 1st, 1987

Manufacturer: Fisher Price

Where To Buy: Child World, Bradlee's. Caldor

MSRP: 29.99

UPC: 075380084001

MFR Number: 8400


What if we purr-tended to be other animals? Then people would want us!

Joe's Notes:

Maybe I just had good taste in toys, maybe I just had bad luck. As such, when the Purr-Tenders were released (Back in 1987, when Fisher Price was still owned by Quaker Oats - I was 3) I decided I wanted the Black Duck. Guess which one was not included as part of the initial assortment? The Black Duck.. To this day I still don't know if it was ever actually released (though there was a Bear that came out after the initial run - and yes, I do have the Burger King version - it's linked below) and so, here it is 23 years later and I'm still looking.

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