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Game of Life - Target Edition

Game of Life - Target Edition

Release Date: June 18th, 2023

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Where To Buy: Target

MSRP: 24.99

UPC: 195166222073

MFR Number:


GAME FOR TARGET SUPER FANS: A favorite board game meets everyone’s happy place! With The Game of Life: Target Edition game, experience the thrill of the deal and relatable Target shopping moments SPIN TO DISCOVER THE JOY OF EVERYDAY LIFE: Ready for a Target Run? Spin the spinner and move that many spaces, gathering everything on your shopping list. Reach Checkout with the most money left to win 8 THEMED TARGET RUNS: Each player’s Target Run shopping list is for a different event, from a Summer Block Party to Family Movie Night. Visit each Department to collect every item on a list TARGET SHOPPING CART MOVERS: Includes 4 iconic red shopping cart movers! Players can push their cart--in any direction!—to browse the store and create their own shopping experience FUNNY FAMILIAR MOMENTS: Draw cards to score deals, get help from team members, receive texts (and shopping requests) from family, and enjoy other relatable moments like “stop and smell ALL the candles Spin to discover the joy of everyday life with The Game of Life: Target Edition board game! First, pick a shopping list, filled with items for a specific occasion. Have a list for Pet’s First Birthday? Then head to the Pets Department to get that birthday crown on your list. Players push their red shopping cart movers along the store aisles on the board—in any direction!—to browse Departments and collect all items on their list. Prices vary, so try to nab the cheapest. Along the way, collect Impulse Buy tokens (some things are too good to resist). And draw cards for relatable shopping moments: score items from team members, find deals, and receive texts with shopping curveballs (“R U STILL AT TARGET???? We need toilet paper!!!”). The game ends once everyone reaches Checkout. The player with the most money left wins! The Game of Life: Target Edition game for ages 8+ is a great game for Family Game Night, and it’s a fun gift for families and Target fans. Copyright 2023 Target Brands, Inc. The Bullseye Design, the Bullseye Dog and Target are trademarks of Target Brands, Inc. SPIN TO WIN is a trademark of The Trustee of the Reuben B. Klamer L.T. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Includes gameboard, spinner (dial, base, pointer, cardboard insert), 4 shopping cart movers, 8 Target Run lists, 80 cards (25 Team Member, 26 Deals, 25 Phone, 4 reference), 48 Item tokens, 21 Energy Boost tokens, 17 Impulse Buy tokens, 12 Target Circle tokens, 4 Target RedCards, 4 budget tracker tokens, and instructions. Ages 8 and up For 2 to 4 players. Adult assembly required.

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