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Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity

Release Date: unknown

Manufacturer: Mattel

Where To Buy: Mattel Creations

MSRP: 38.88


MFR Number:


This special, reflective gold FIGURE8 was inspired by the pageantry surrounding the Chinese New Year and attracts prosperity and good fortune while allowing you to find answers to your most pressing questions. Look closely and you’ll see the lucky numerology found in both brands. Other design features cloud details in the shape of horns and a tail, paying homage to both 88rising’s “Head in the clouds,” and the cultural significance of the humble-yet-mighty Ox. BEHIND THE 8 BALL Progression, inclusion and collaboration are just some of the things that have made our partnership with 88rising so special. We developed this new collection to celebrate the cultural moment of the Lunar New Year while bringing the story and heritage of the Magic 8 Ball front and center. Ethan Wood, the mastermind behind the FIGURE8, was fascinated by the history of the classic toy. He found inspiration in the 8 Ball’s humble beginnings as a tube-shaped soothsayer and used elements from its past in his Syco Seer design. “I attempted to capture the history of the Magic 8 Ball , which has been driven by a combination of cultural influences, missteps, failures and fate, and who’s accuracy is as potentially questionable as the Magic 8 Ball’s answers themselves.”

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