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Dick Tracy's The Blank Action Figure

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Dick Tracy

Release Date: January 1st, 1990

Manufacturer: Playmates Toys

Where To Buy: Sears (Canada)


UPC: 043377570097

MFR Number: 570090


Calling Dick Tracy...Calling Dick Tracy... The Blank wiped out a jewelry shop! Gang Land -- 30's Style, an underworld of deadly crime bosses and their vicious things. Their turf, their game, their rules. They didn't count on his law --

Joe's Notes:

This was released as part of a line of action figures in conjunction with Disney's Dick Tracy movie in 1990. This figure was held back from the initial run as it revealed the identity of The Blank. (Breathless Mahoney - played by Madonna) When Madonna saw the likeness of the figure (or lack thereof) the figure was canceled. Fortunately, it had already shipped to Sears in Canada, which is why all existing pieces are printed in both English and French. (photo courtesy ebay)

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