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Monopoly Socialism

Monopoly Socialism
Release Date: unknown

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Where To Buy: Target, Amazon

MSRP: 19.99

UPC: 630509889204

MFR Number:

ADULT TWIST ON THE CLASSIC BOARD GAME: This adult board game is a hilarious adult twist on classic Monopoly gameplay WORK TOGETHER…OR NOT: This adult party edition of the Monopoly game has players moving around the board contributing to community projects…unless they can steal projects to get ahead WINNING IS FOR CAPITALISTS: Contribute to the Community Fund…unless you choose deplete it. Consider the best interest of the group…unless you want to forget that and just do what you need to do CHANCE CARDS: Working together might seem ideal, but Chance Cards can abruptly shake things up with things such as lousy neighbors, vegan meatloaf, and bad plumbing FUN ADULT PARTY GAME: Get ready for laughs as the twists and turns of life put a damper on working toward a shared, utopian society. Cooperation isn't always what it's cracked up to be

Joe's Notes:
originally available at Target as part of their Hasbro adult parody game series, it was pulled after people complained. The game later found a new home at Amazon.

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