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Cookie Monster Replica

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Cookie Monster Replica
Release Date: unknown

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Where To Buy: Hasbro Pulse HasLab

MSRP: 299.99


MFR Number:

C IS FOR COLLECTOR’S DREAM "Friend something better than chocolate ice cream… Maybe friend somebody you give up last cookie for." —Cookie Monster For 50 years, Cookie Monster has been your friend: making you laugh, singing you songs, and entertaining you with his unapologetic appetite for COOKIES! “Om nom nom!” And as Cookie Monster’s longtime fan and friend, you deserve the opportunity to bring home the ultimate collector item: a fully poseable, full-size, photorealistic Cookie Monster replica. Your very own version of a childhood icon. A dream collectible you’d give up your last cookie for. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. WHY COOKIE MONSTER ? Because he’s been there from the start. Because he’s a beloved fan-favorite. Because “C is for Cookie” is an anthem of our collective childhood. Because to bring the dream of a full-size Sesame Street product to life, we consulted with leaders and influencers in the Muppet fan community to voice fan opinion about character choice, product development, offering, and messaging—making this a by-the-fans, for-the-fans project, every step of the way. This campaign will move into production when it reaches its minimum goal of 3,000 backers. All support must be received by 11:59 PM EST on August 25, 2019. You can own 38 inches of blue furry goodness by spring of 2020. Your payment method will be charged on August 25, 2019 if the campaign is successful. PRODUCT INCLUDES Full-size, photorealistic, poseable Cookie Monster replica 2 original artwork lithographs Certificate of Authenticity To-be-revealed accessory Premium packaging celebrating 50 years of Cookie Monster CONCEPT PRODUCT DETAILS Height: 38 inches Weight: 10 lbs. (of cookies) Width: 20 inches Depth: 19 inches Fur: blue and tumbled Eyes: googly CONCEPT Hasbro product designers were able to interact with the REAL Cookie Monster armature, take measurements and photographs, and study the puppet's movements to create this HASLAB Cookie Monster Replica. “To be in the big blue guy’s presence was truly an unforgettable moment. It gave me goosebumps.” –Bill Rawley, lead product designer. Now YOU, the fans, have the opportunity to experience that same feeling. And just like the photorealistic poseable Cookie Monster used by Sesame Street’s creative team, we’ve designed our replica to scale—with poseable arms, hands, fingers, mouth, and legs. At 38 inches tall, he’s our largest Sesame Street item ever created. SCULPT In order to make an authentic replica, Hasbro product designers took measurements of the actual photorealistic Cookie Monster puppet used for Sesame Street’s still shots to create and build the skeleton. Scale, height, posture, and positioning had to be just right. GOOGLY EYES Cookie Monster wouldn’t be Cookie Monster without those iconic googly eyes, so the team did some experimenting to get the “googly” just right. HASLAB Cookie Monster’s pupils are convex, approximating the same roundness as the eyeballs themselves, giving the googly eyes a natural look, but with a durable hold. PERFECT PLUSH Product designer Teresa Levy paid special attention to Cookie Monster’s fur color and texture when meeting with Cookie Monster and the Sesame Street team. A swatch was sent to Hasbro’s factory to replicate the dyes and tumbling of the plush. Can you find the swatch of the real Cookie Monster plush within ours? FINAL A full-size, fully poseable final model includes articulation in the hips so Cookie Monster can sit and stand, bendy wire in the hands and fingers, hinged mouth that opens and closes, and a ball joint that allows neck to move and pivot.

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