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Neopets Orange Aisha Pin

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Neopets Orange Aisha Pin
Release Date: May 23 2018


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MSRP: 9.99


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Show off your favorite species with this Aisha pin from Neopets and Overpowered! Features: Soft-yet-vibrant colors that won’t easily fade or scratch Perfect for hats, backpacks, and jackets Aisha is a multi-eared Neopet that is, in general, very intelligent and skilled in magic. There are also six-eared alien Aishas who own a vending machine in Neopia Central; it dispenses weird food, rare items, and Neopoints. It is unknown if the four-ear and six-ear variety are related, but it is known that the six-eared Aishas are not from Neopia!

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