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Penny Arcade Twisp & Catsby Plush Set

Penny Arcade Twisp & Catsby Plush Set
Release Date: October 29 2013

Manufacturer: Penny Arcade Inc.

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MSRP: 39.98


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Catsby isn't the cat; that's the main thing you've got to remember. Catsby is the devil guy. Twisp is the cat, if cats walked on two feet, wore suits, and spoke in an impossibly deep British accent. Each plush is made from--and stuffed with--incredibly soft polyester. Catsby measures 14" tall from hoof to horn while Twisp is 13" from claw to the tip top of the top hat. These Twisp and Catsby plushes are not really toys and are not suitable for use by children under 5.

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