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Backyard Safari Praying Mantis Mansion

Backyard Safari Praying Mantis Mansion
Release Date: unknown

Manufacturer: Summit Toys

Where To Buy: Toys R Us

MSRP: 14.99

UPC: 730320151754

MFR Number: 2480304

HUNTING AND FEASTING ON PREY! The Praying Mantis is a fascinating insect with more than 2400 species in the world! With the Backyard Safari Mantis Mansion, you can watch the amazing life cycle of these unusual creatures, and you may even see some intense ?preying? action! After the baby mantids hatch, they often try to eat their own siblings! During the mating process, female mantids often bite off the male mantid's head! The Backyard Safari Praying Mantis Mansion features: Extra large habitat means more room for your mantids Habitat expands to 8 x 8 x 11.5 inches Easy-access zipper on back panel Durable, lightweight breathable mesh Collapsible frame Stick anchor Includes coupon for ordering praying mantis egg case Exclusive, collectable iron-on Bug Wrangler patch and Pop-up Field Guide

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